Top 10 Online Marketing Trends in 2012

The World Wide Web is a truly dynamic space. Everything changes so fast that it is hard to keep in touch. But if you have a website or an online business, you can’t help but be on the bandwagon at all times. Marketing trends come and go, more so if they happen to be online. That is why it is so important to know about what’s the latest happening is in the online marketing arena. Here are the top 10 online marketing trends for the year 2012. Have a look and see for yourself which one of these trends you can incorporate into your marketing strategy.1. Deals: This is the keyword buzzing all around in the commercial online arena. Since the economy is still recovering, everyone is looking for deals. No one wants to spend more money than is necessary and would go searching for the best deals instead of succumbing to a great- looking website. That is why more and more online businesses are creating deals and rewards to attract customers. Strategies are being created to make sure that businesses are always one-up when it comes to deals.2. Mobile push marketing: Now this may not be the trend that small businesses will be able to follow because of it being expensive, but it is the online marketing trend doing the rounds this year. Using mobiles to send marketing messages via text or calls is what a lot of online businesses are using to get their sales message across.3. Local marketing messages: Now this may seem like an idea that is just too obvious, but the fact that it is becoming a trend right at this moment is something that will prove that local marketing messaging is still in its nascent stage. It basically means sending out marketing messages on national online publications in a way that will attract the attention of your local audience.4. Socially earned media: This online marketing trend means that you have to ‘earn’ reviews and good comments about your business on social networking sites. For this, checking out the conversations happening around your business and asking people to rate your products or services is what the ‘earn’ term implies.5. CRM database: This is an online marketing trend that makes a marketer create a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database where information about its customers are gathered from social networking sites and stored for future reference.6. Going global: With the Web turning more global every day, going global with one’s business plans means more visitors and more profits. And that is what online businesses are doing.7. Offering more payment options: A very useful online marketing trend in 2012 is offering customers more payment options that just credit cards. We are talking about Google Wallet, PayPal, etc.8. Proximity marketing: Offering people marketing messages from businesses and vendors based on their location is a trend that has been going on for long, though coming on its own only this year.9. More screens: Attracting customers through more than one screen is a trend that is about to bombard. We are talking about tablets and TV screens.10. Mobile marketing: Using mobile devices in a way that lets customers make purchase decisions on the move is another online marketing trend catching up in 2012.