Successful Online Marketing Simplified

Are You Over Complicating Your Online Marketing Strategy?If you want better results, without doing your head in, don’t over complicate it!If you’re not getting great results… consider this question; are you overcomplicating your online marketing plan?With SO MUCH information available on how to market, where to market and a shiny new “solution” or tool being thrown in our face every second THEN following us around the internet, it’s no wonder we can lose sight of the big picture and the basics yet ultimately effective fundamentals of online marketing!Keep It Simple = Online Marketing Success!The key is to focus ALL your time and ALL your money into income producing activities ONLY.Plan your marketing strategy around the 3 C’s and you won’t go wrong.The 3 C’s of Online MarketingMarketing online comes down to 3 fairly simple concepts;1. Create2. Capture3. ConvertThese are the 3 C’s and together they make an online marketing strategy or process called a “sales funnel”.To be productive online and get consistent results, you need to understand the 3 C’s and implement them daily – with your niche and target customer/perfect client in mind!Create – traffic (aka visitors). People visit to your site to see the content you have created, like informative or entertaining blog posts, giveaways, training videos etc. They find out about your content through various forms of advertising, social media, syndication, etc.Capture – capture details. Use a “capture page” otherwise known as a “squeeze page” to collect the visitors details (mostly emails). Build a list (or database) of these emails.Convert – turn leads into sales/clients. Your leads will already have had some exposure to your brand, products and services from your initial content & capture page.Now you have the chance to build a relationship with your list,”cultivate” your database by giving them great value in the form of email follow-ups and newsletters aka “broadcasts”. This is an opportunity to build brand awareness, show you are an authority in your niche and expose potential customers to your products and services again and again without them needing to seek you out.When the time comes that they are in need of your product or service, who do you think will be at the forefront of their mind?** So to recap… with your target market in mind, now you need to;Set up a Lead Capture Page (also known as a “Squeeze page”) CAPTURE
Drive traffic using content relevant to your target market CREATE
Build a relationship with your subscribers (also known as your “List”) CONVERT
Provide value to your list to build authority and trust CONVERT
Offer subscribers products of value CONVERT”To your success & prosperity!”Victoria CavalloThe Aussie Entrepreneur Mum